As part of the world’s largest high school robotics competition (FRC), Woburn Robotics strives to spread the message of FIRST at every opportunity, promoting an interest in science, technology, and engineering.

Our History

Team 188 believes in creating positive change and understands that the key to achieving new milestones is a web of interconnected actions and relationships. On Team 188, we work to spread awareness of STEM at each level of society. Our vision of spreading the message of FIRST can be summarized by the “CAN” approach, signifying that we can achieve our mission. CAN is an acronym that stands for “Community”, “Around the World”, and “Near Us”. To spread the awareness of STEM, Team 188 actively reaches out to youth in the community, around the world, and to those who are already members of the FIRST family.

“At 188, we believe that complete accesbility of STEM education is the way to innovation.”

– 188 team member

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